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Headphones - BUY

Power saving mode

The headphones will automatically switch off after 10 minutes of not receiving any broadcasted audio which saves their batteries and makes it quick to pack away at the end of your event.


LED lights

The headphones  have a center LED light showing which channel the headphones are listening to and flashing LED lights on the edge that beat to the music.


Auxiliary socket

When not at a Silent Disco, you can use a 3.5mm Jack Cable to connect the headphones  to your phone and use him as a standard pair of headphones. You can also connect a set of headphones to a speaker so staff working at an event can hear the music being played.


Legal and license free

The UK, Europe and ROW headphones is legal to use with compatible transmitters throughout Europe and much of the world using the EU approved 863-865MHz. The USA and Canada the headphones work on the US approved 914-917MHz frequencies.


Phase-lock loop technology

Phase-lock loop technology prevents signal loss over longer distances or in unusual environments.


Headphones - BUY

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