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How To Set Up A DIY Hire

Step 1 - Transmitter

Locate and unpack the transmitters. Ensure the radio antennas are screwed in and upright.

Our headphones can switch between up to 3 channels so we send out 3 transmitters per hire.


Step 2 - Connecting

Turn the transmitters OFF, then connect the power cables and plug in to a power socket.

Please ensure the first transmitter you setup is set as CH1 (Channel 1).

Step 3 - Inputs & Switching

Connect the AUX cable into the AUDIO INPUT on the front of the transmitters, turn the mains on and then flick the switch from OFF to LO on the back of the transmitter.

You will know it is on because the red POWER light on the front will be illuminated.


Step 4 - Connecting Your Device

Connect the AUX cable to your audio device through the headphone socket. The audio device can be your phone, mp3 player, laptop, stereo or other.

Repeat STEP 1 to STEP 4 with the remaining two transmitters. The second transmitter setup should be set to CH2 (Channel 2) and then the third to CH3 (Channel 3). All transmitters need to be connected to a different audio device. The listener will now be able to flick between the audio on the 3 channels.

Keep transmitters elevated and spaced apart from each other using separate power supplies when possible.

Step 5 - Turning On The Headphones

Hold down the tune/on/off for a second until the power light is illuminated. Push the tune button to change between the channels once audio is playing. 

Step 6 - Adjusting Headphone Volume 

Adjust the volume of the headphones using the VOL. control slider. For best quality sound, increase the volume on the audio device and allow the listener to control the volume on their headphones. 

Top Tip – Use the highest media quality possible when playing/streaming music and the equaliser (EQ) settings on your device can be used to fine tune if required.

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Step 7 - After your event.

Please make sure you turn off all the equipment.

Please pack the boxes neatly making sure all the equipment is there. 

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